Well-heeled New Yorkers benefit from stiletto lift

Stiletto Lift New York High-heeled shoes have been making legs look longer and shapelier since the 16th century. European royalty wanted to look taller than average people, spawning the term “well-heeled.” Today, women from all levels of society favor stilettos, wedges, platforms, and pumps as part of their signature look. However, that fashion statement takes a toll on the feet. New York dermatologist, Dr. Ariel Ostad can help, with the stiletto lift.

Comfort from within

In youth, a woman’s foot has plenty of padding at the ball. Although high heels shift body weight forward, soft tissue volume makes the experience tolerable. As we age, though, we lose natural volume in many areas of the body, including feet. Wearing heels becomes uncomfortable as foot bones push into pressure points. Cushioned or gel pads in shoes give the bones a softer landing, but only help a little.

A stiletto lift is something like a facelift for your feet! Dr. Ostad injects a long-lasting dermal filler into precise points on the ball of each foot to replace lost volume. It results in a higher level of comfort for walking on hard surfaces and wearing high heeled shoes.
Dr. Ostad with a Patient at Cosmetic, Laser & Dermatologic Surgery

The Sculptra secret

Sculptra Aesthetic is a dermal filler made with poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). This biodegradable synthetic polymer has been used for many years as dissolving sutures. As an injectable filler, Sculptra:
  • Adds immediate volume.
  • Initiates neocollagenesis. The body reacts to the presence of PLLA by producing extra collagen. Collagen is a matrix of fibrous proteins. It thickens deep skin layers, building natural padding at the balls of feet.
  • Usually requires two injection sessions, about a month apart, for optimal results.
  • Provides relief for up to two years.
For women in New York, the stiletto lift from Dr. Ostad is an uplifting experience. Call (212) 517-7900 to see if it is right for you.

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