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You care about the health and appearance of your skin, which is why you trust the renowned expertise of Dr. Ostad for professional treatments. If you have ever wished that you could benefit from his expertise in every day skincare, the Ariel Ostad line of premier products is a dream come true!

These formulas incorporate the latest scientific knowledge combined with the wisdom of Dr. Ostad’s experience. Designed for all skin types, our exclusive line of products can help purify, moisturize, replenish, and rejuvenate skin.

Each product is formulated to protect and enhance skin. By targeting deeper tissue layers, these formulas help prevent mutation and maintain a healthy glow. Improve your skin by stimulating collagen, speeding healing, and facilitating healthy cell turnover with the Ariel Ostad MD line of skin care products. Don’t miss our photo-protective formulas, which include physical sun protection to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

This line of products was designed with you in mind, intended to simplify and optimize your skincare regimen, with the exceptionally beautiful results for which Dr. Ostad is known.

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