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MiraDry resolves underarm sweat and odor for many in NYC

Do you shower frequently, and always keep a fresh shirt handy? Do you select clothing based on how obviously sweat rings will appear? Has excessive underarm sweating and odor impacted your career, social life, and fitness? Then miraDry could be the solution you’ve dreamed about. Using this noninvasive, drug-free treatment, Dr. Ariel Ostad has helped many patients in NYC overcome underarm hyperhidrosis.

How hyperhidrosis treatment works

Your body has two to four million sweat glands. Most are eccrine glands, which excrete clear, odorless perspiration to regulate body temperature through evaporation. Apocrine glands produce a thicker fluid that emits an unpleasant odor when it meets bacteria that live on skin. Eccrine glands are primarily found on the face, hands, and feet. Apocrine glands are in the genital region. Unfortunately, underarms have both sweat and odor glands. For those with hyperhidrosis, the condition is extreme.

MiraDry is designed specifically for underarm hyperhidrosis. Carefully controlled microwave energy targets moisture in sweat and odor glands, destroying them without harm to skin or other organs.

MiraDry procedure

Simply lie back and relax for the procedure, which takes about an hour:

  • Treatment area is thoroughly numbed so you feel no discomfort.
  • The clinician maps sweat glands.
  • Treatment is delivered with a mobile handpiece.
  • There is minimal downtime.
  • You may have residual numbness, tingling, swelling, or tenderness. However, these side effects typically resolve within a few days and are easily managed with over the counter analgesics.

Stop underarm sweat and armpit odor

Improvement is immediate! Often just one miraDry treatment provides up to 82 percent reduction in sweating. (In some persistent cases, a follow-up treatment is beneficial.) Since the body does not make new sweat glands, once they are destroyed, results are permanent. Many people stop using anti-perspirant or deodorant. As an added benefit, treatment reduces underarm hair. The FDA-cleared procedure is very safe. Because your body has a multitude of other sweat glands, miraDry has no negative impact on healthy cooling.

With more than 55,000 procedures performed globally, miraDry is changing quality of life for individuals with excessive underarm sweating.

Non-Invasive treatment for permanent elimination of underarm sweat and odor glands.

Best candidate

  • Someone who sweats excessively in the underarm area
  • Bothered by the odor


  • Stops sweat and odor
  • Reduces underarm hair (about 82%)
  • Non Invasive
  • No downtime
  • Works in as little as 1 treatment

Sweat and Odor Glands

Eccrine Glands

  • All over the body
  • Secrete an odorless, clear fluid that helps the body to control body temperature

Appocrine Glands

  • Located in armpits and genitals
  • Produce a thick fluid, which when it comes in contact with bacteria on the skin’s surface, produces body odor

The Right Technology for Efficacy and Safety

MiraDry Overview

  • Safely and permanently reduces underarm sweat, hair & odor
  • Lasting efficacy
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Non-invasive (no surgical incisions or cuts)
  • Strong safety profile
  • Minimal patient downtime

What Patients Can Expect

  • See reduction in underarm sweat immediately after the first procedure
  • Permanent results in as little as one treatment
    • Sweat glands are destroyed and do not regenerate
    • A significant reduction of underarm sweat – 82% average reduction*
  • Reduction in underarm hair and odor

Key points for patients immediately post-op

  • All patients will experience common side effects
    • Swelling
    • Soreness
    • Altered sensation in or around underarm
  • No rigorous activity for several days post procedure
  • Icing (crushed ice in bag) and ibuprofen used to manage pain and swelling
  • Keep treated area clean
    • Wash twice/day with gentle liquid soap
    • New deodorant/antiperspirant

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“My Botox looks great. I look refreshed and happy and it shows! Dr. Ariel Ostad and the staff were very helpful throughout the procedure. I look forward to my next treatment.”
~ Mark. J Thompson

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