Laser hair removal: The secret to sleek skin in New York

Laser Hair Removal NYC Shaving remains the most common hair removal technique in this country. While razors have improved, it is still a time-consuming daily task. New York dermatologist, Dr. Ariel Ostad, recommends a lasting solution – laser hair removal.

The science of permanent hair reduction

Laser treatment targets pigments in hair, heating and destroying follicles in the anagen growth phase, without harm to surrounding skin. Each pulse of laser energy takes only a fraction of a second, and treats many hairs. Treatment for a small area takes just a few minutes; larger areas about an hour. Expect skin to look pink, like a mild sunburn, for a few days. It is important to moisturize and wear sunscreen during this period.

Hair thins and becomes softer over the next month. Several sessions, spaced several weeks apart, are necessary for full clearance. Treated hairs do not grow back, so improvement is permanent. However, the body continues to produce some new hair follicles. Most patients eagerly schedule periodic touch-up appointments to maintain a sleek look.

Dr. Ostad has the advanced equipment and skill necessary for safe hair removal on most combinations of skin and hair types. Laser hair removal can be performed on any area of the body. Popular spots include:
  • Facial hair removal – upper lip, cheeks, and between eyebrows
  • Neck – to reduce irritation from collar and tie
  • Back, shoulders, and arms
  • Chest and abdomen
  • Bikini zone
  • Legs
  • Even toes and fingers!

Laser hair removal cost

According to Statistic Brain, an independent research firm, the average woman spends $10,000 in a lifetime on shaving-related products. Since 75 percent of men shave their faces daily, their expenses are also substantial. The cost can easily escalate with salon treatments such as waxing or threading. Laser hair removal is a cost-effective alternative.

For hair-free skin without razor bumps or rash, call (212) 517-7900.

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