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In recent years, PRP (platelet rich plasma), has become one of the most popular regenerative treatments in aesthetics. Used for years in the medical field for its healing properties, PRP is commonly used in sports medicine, wound care, and a wide range of other medical applications. A natural blood product, PRP stimulates natural healing when used as an adjunct in hair restoration and facial rejuvenation.

What are PRP injections?

Blood is drawn, then separated in a centrifuge, so the red blood cells are separated from the white blood cells. The white blood cells, also called plasma, is then drawn into syringes. 

What do PRP injections treat?

Our New York PRP injections are an excellent option for patients who are hesitant to start dermal fillers or BOTOX but want a treatment to address collagen loss and wrinkles. PRP is injected into hollow facial areas and wrinkles, which stimulates a regenerative response to create new collagen. A series of treatments repeated a few months apart, achieves a natural, youthful result.

A concentrated serum of platelets is created from your own blood. Platelets perform several biological functions, including playing a role in tissue repair and regeneration. When concentrated and injected into the scalp, or applied to the facial skin after microneedling, PRP triggers enhanced tissue regeneration. 

New York PRP Treatment

Dr. Ariel Ostad discusses Procedural PRP 

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Procedural PRP with Dr. Ariel Ostad

PRP for facial rejuvenation

PRP used in conjunction with microneedling can stimulate natural skin regeneration and renewal. Your skin responds to the PRP by producing greater quantities of natural collagen and elastin for firmer, more youthful skin. The tiny wounds created by microneedling allow the PRP to enter more deeply into the skin structure for results you can see and feel. As your skin heals, the quality improves for several months, after which you may choose to undergo another microneedling with PRP treatment.

PRP hair restoration

In a clinical study of 460 subjects, PRP was found to lead to hair regrowth in the majority of the subjects, as reported Medical News Today. The PRP may be injected into the areas of the scalp in which the follicles are shrinking, and can no longer produce thick, healthy strands of hair, by restoring the vitality of the follicle.

PRP to enhance surgical results

Our PRP treatment can speed scar healing after plastic surgery. The PRP can be applied after surgery and to the incision sites to promote natural healing, allowing the tissues to knit together more smoothly and quickly, for less visible scars.

What is the procedure like?

Creating the PRP for injection requires a blood draw, similar to what you experience in a standard blood test. The blood is then processed in a centrifuge, separating it to concentrate the PRP. It is then placed in a syringe, and injected into the scalp, or applied to a surgical wound to speed healing, or applied to the skin after microneedling.

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