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Of all the skin conditions most often seen by dermatologists, melasma is one of the most stubborn and pervasive. Although neither dangerous nor life-threatening, because melasma spots crop up in concentrated patches on the face, they can quickly change one’s overall look and complexion and detract from their personal and professional image.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a commonly occurring pigment condition that causes small brown and sometimes grayish spots to appear in concentrated patches on the face, most specifically on the cheeks, forehead, nose and area around the lips.

What causes melasma?

90% of people who develop melasma are women, and the condition is triggered mostly due to hormonal changes. Thus birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone therapy, and anything that elevates or alters estrogen or progesterone levels is likely to produce this harmless but unwanted condition. Once these underlying physical changes or conditions are present, it is sun exposure that is often the triggering factor: melasma is unlikely to present on the skin surface without sun exposure. Additionally, excessive sun exposure itself is a factor as UV rays stimulate the pigment-controlling cells.

How is melasma treated?

Melasma is treatable through a diverse variety of options, including steroids, which modify hormone production to counteract the changes; depigmenting agents that bleach or fade the skin color; topical antiseptics that destroy and prevent infectious growths thought to be related to melasma; and vitamins that slow the growth of skin.

New York Melasma Treatment

The most effective melasma treatment, however, for the rapid address of melasma is Fraxel Dual laser therapy. This proprietary technology and device uses two distinct wavelengths of light to reach into the dermis and, without alerting or removing any surface skin, it stimulates the regeneration and rapid turnover of non-affected skin cells from deep within. As no surface skin is removed and the problem is corrected at its roots, recovery time is greatly reduced and the results are dramatically prolonged. Fraxel Dual laser treatment results not only in the correction of melasma, but in an overall evening out of and beautifying of the complexion.

Melasma may occasionally fade on its own over time, and vitamin C and apple cider vinegar can help, however as it is among the most stubborn skin conditions seen by skin care professionals, these remedies tend to fall short of making lasting and noticeable changes.

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Am I a candidate for melasma treatment in New York?

If you are experiencing stubborn sun damage, sunspots, melasma or hyperpigmentation issues, you will likely benefit from our New York melasma treatment.

What is recovery like after melasma treatment in New York?

Treatments can be done over a long lunch break and there is zero downtime required.

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