New York residents get glowing with a chemical peel for skin

Chemical Peel For Skin New York A chemical peel is a topical treatment that improves skin quality. While a peel is non-surgical and non-invasive, it should be administered by a trained and experienced skin care professional for comfort, safety, and the best results. Dr. Ostad and his team are helping patients all over New York discover their glow with chemical peels.

Tone and texture

Superficial peels are formulated with acids such as:
  • Amino
  • Glycolic
  • Lactic
  • Polyhydroxy
  • Pyruvic
  • Salicylic
Please don’t be intimidated by the word “acid.” These chemicals are organic, occurring naturally in substances such as milk and fruit.

Light peels penetrate only the surface layer of skin, so there is little or no downtime – usually just temporary pinkness. Dr. Ostad’s patients schedule mild peels regularly for complexion brightening and overall improvement in the condition of the skin.

Medium peels contain TCA (trichloroacetic acid) to reach deeper layers. A medium peel removes surface imperfections, and stimulates production of proteins (including elastin and collagen) that give skin thickness and elasticity. A series of medium peels is appropriate for fine lines, rough texture, sun damage, and pigmentation irregularities – freckles, age spots, and melasma. Expect some swelling, and about a week of downtime as skin flakes and renews.

Deep peels use phenol, a potent acid, to break down proteins for intense skin regeneration. A deep peel improves moderate to severe wrinkles and imperfections with just one treatment, but requires several weeks of recovery.

Which chemical peel for acne?

Chemical peels are often overlooked in the treatment of blemishes. However, in the hands of a qualified dermatologist, light peels help to minimize current breakouts and reduce oiliness that contributes to pimples. Medium peels improve the appearance of shallow acne scars, and a deep peel can address significant acne scarring.

Consider a chemical peel for skin you can be proud of. In New York call (212) 517-7900.

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