Smoothing cellulite with effective treatment in New York

Cellulite Treatment NYC Thousands of individuals in New York are troubled by cellulite. Even those who are fit and at or near their goal weight may have the orange peel appearance of cellulite on thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Most have spent a lot of money on ineffective drug store preparations, supplements, and gadgets. A Board-certified dermatologist – a skin expert – is best qualified to determine the most effective cellulite treatment plan for your unique body composition.

What is cellulite?

Everyone has a layer of fat just beneath the skin. It helps to regulate body temperature and cushions organs. Fibrous bands of collagen connect skin to underlying muscle tissue. When fat pushes up against this meshwork, it forms dimples and puckers at the surface.

The appearance of cellulite is influenced by thin skin, excess weight, muscle tone, and possibly build-up of toxins in subcutaneous tissues. Men typically have thicker skin with a different configuration of collagen, so they are less likely to have visible cellulite.

Modern options for smoother skin

Because cellulite has a unique anatomy, fat reduction treatments often have no effect and may even make dimpling more noticeable. Dr. Ostad designs a treatment plan just for you which may include:
  • Radiofrequency therapy – Non-invasive treatment using electric and magnetic energy to break up cellulite. Results last several months.
  • Subcision – A needle is introduced under skin to free fibrous tissues. Cellulite is noticeably improved for several years.
  • High quality skin care products – Most retail preparations do not live up to their claims. However, physician quality formulations containing retinol, aminophylline, caffeine, and readily-absorbed emollients can improve the appearance of cellulite while nourishing skin.
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