Botox injections help New York residents look younger

Botox Injections NYC Botox Cosmetic received FDA approval in 2002 for facial rejuvenation. Since that time, Botox injection has become very popular, with 4,250,000 patients nationwide receiving this treatment, many of them in New York, NY.

Botox basics

Botox is a purified protein injected into precise points on the face. It disrupts signals from nerves that cause muscle contractions. Botox treatment is ideal for:
  • Wrinkle reduction – Dynamic wrinkles are created by repeated expressions such as squinting, frowning, and pursing the lips. Dr. Ostad expertly places Botox to address vertical furrows between the brows, horizontal forehead creases, crow's feet, and neck bands. Botox can be a sole treatment for these issues, or part of an overall facial rejuvenation strategy.
  • Gummy smile – An attractive smile shows no more than three millimeters of gum tissue between the top of teeth and the bottom of the upper lip. Botox injections drop the upper lip, improving this proportion.
  • Non-surgical nose enhancement – Botox eases tension from the end of the nose to the upper lip, raising the tip of the nose. Dermal fillers may then be used to further shape the nasal silhouette.
In addition to cosmetic applications, Dr. Ostad treats hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) with Botox.

About treatment

The needle is very fine, and botulintoxin injections are just beneath the skin, so treatment is well tolerated. A session typically takes 10-15 minutes maximum.

Within two days to two weeks, you begin to see changes. Improvement continues for about four weeks, and lasts four to six months. Most patients are so pleased with the outcome that they eagerly schedule follow-up treatment.

In the hands off a trained, experienced Board-certified dermatologist, Botox injection is safe and produces natural-looking results. Call our New York office at (212) 517-7900 to schedule a consultation.
Although cosmetic intervention is not a cure-all, it is undeniably the pathway to increasing the quality of life index through greater self-assurance

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