Staff Picks


Our staff sees dozens of successful treatments performed every day, but it’s no surprise everyone has a favorite. Here, we share their top picks.

“Juvederm and Volbella work together beautifully.” Alexis

“I love our lip enhancement treatments. I have had several treatments done in the last few years and find that the combination of Juvederm and Volbella have worked together beautifully to achieve optimum results. My lips now have a symmetrical shape and are full, but not in an artificial way. I recommend these filler treatments to anyone looking to improve their lips shape and fullness.”

“I love Ultherapy, Botox and Retinol.” Belle

“I really love Ultherapy because it’s effective, safe, non-invasive and builds collagen with no downtime. When this non-surgical procedure is done correctly (and aggressively), patients are able to get the best results. The results are natural and gradual, lifting skin in the first 3-4 months.  I used to call Botox “God’s gift to women for having children”, but now men are in our little secret and achieving great results.  My favorite product for skin rejuvenation is Retinol which turns skin over, builds up collagen and brightens like no other.”

“Of all of the cosmetic procedures we offer,  Botox is my favorite.”  Estefany

I use Dr. Ostad’s sunscreen, moisturizer and Retinols for prevention, but Botox makes a big difference. I have very strong muscles and I don’t want these to cause deep wrinkles as I get older. I love the way it takes my wrinkles away and helps to keep them away.  Dr. Ostad also takes a “less is more” approach, which I appreciate. When I get Botox, I am still able to make facial expressions and not look weird or frozen.

“I love the ED & C Laser.” Chandra

“As an African-American woman, I need to be cautious about lasers as most can leave me with hyperpigmentation. Dr. Ostad did an outstanding job choosing the right laser (the ED & C laser) to remove the brown spots from my face. This procedure revitalized my entire face with no scarring. My skin looks younger and healthier than ever before.”

“Dysport lasts and prevents new lines from forming.” Jennifer

“I have a thin face and had a lot of lines in my forehead and around my eyes. Unfortunately, while young, it’s clear that genetics aren’t in my favor. As an exercise fanatic, I have also noticed that my Botox treatments weren’t as effective and were not lasting very long.  Dr. Ostad recommended that I try Dysport as the clinical data suggests that it kicks in faster and  covers a wider area.  Once I tried it, I was hooked! Prior to using Dysport, my Botox injections would only last about 3-4 months. Now, my  time in-between treatments has been extended to almost 6 months.  I have always treated my forehead, crow’s feet and the “11’s” between my eyes), but now also treat the fine lines (bunny lines) around my nose and my neck.  I truly believe this treatment not only treats the existing fine lines, but it prevents new lines from forming.”

“Filler is fantastic.” Omaira

“I have personally had wonderful results with filler. I am very pleased with the results and especially recommend it to anyone looking to address tired, dark circles around the eyes.”

“My Three C’s are Cutera, Candela and Coolsculpting.” Kimberly

I am a big fan of the  lasers and non-invasive procedures we offer here. This is mainly because I prefer to avoid downtime  and any interruption in my day-to-day agenda. Some of my favorite corrective procedures include laser hair removal, cutera laser genesis and coolsculpting. Laser hair removal has worked effectively for me as it has eliminated the need for constant summertime shaving (which is so annoying!) and cutera laser genesis has helped to improve the overall appearance of my skin.  It has shrunk my pores, cleared up imperfections and evened out my skin tone which has allowed me the freedom to be more comfortable going makeup-free. I have also done coolsculpting to treat stubborn areas of fat that didn’t respond to exercise. These three treatments have helped me to boost my confidence and would recommend them to anyone.

“Filler offers incredible options.” Marlene

“As we age, we tend to lose the collagen support under the eye, which can cause a hollow tired look. Having  filler placed under my eyes was a wonderful decision!  Dr. Ostad used filler to improve this area which resulted in a smoother and more rested look. Best of all, it can last up to a year.”

“Microneedling with PRP is a game-changer.” Emilia

Microneedling is my go-to treatment in order to maintain a healthy glow. I especially love this treatment because there is very little downtime. I personally do not care for care lot of complicated treatments, so this one is perfect for me.”