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Rosacea is a condition in which an individual suffers from facial redness (erythema). The condition generally is harmless unless the eyes are affected. Most people affected by rosacea tend to be fair-skinned and Caucasian. Rosacea can afflict both genders; however, it occurs three times more often in women than in men. Those affected by Rosacea can begin at any age. The major symptoms are small red bumps, pink eyes, pink or red patches, itchy eyes, thick skin on and around the chin, cheeks and forehead, swollen noses and acne. In advanced cases of rosacea, the person may develop a red, lobulated nose. The exact cause of rosacea is not known.

Rosacea is not infectious or contagious. It is different from acne and is also known as adult acne. Rosacea consists of redness and small bumps which are not squeezable like blackheads. Rosacea is also associated with sun-damaged skin. According to Dr. Ariel Ostad, rosacea can become further aggravated by alcohol consumption, exercise, spicy food and emotional upsets.

As there are various other diseases that resemble rosacea, the condition can be confirmed only through clinical diagnosis. Other diseases that may have similar symptoms as rosacea are connective tissue diseases, polycythemia Vera, photosensitivity, carcinoid syndrome, contact dermatitis, and mastocytosis. The long-term use of topical steroids also can cause rosacea-like symptoms. The various types of rosacea include Erythematotelangiectatic type, papulopustular rosacea, phymatous rosacea and ocular rosacea.

Depending on the severity of the condition, New York dermatologist Dr. Ostad may prescribe varying treatments for different patients. For example, laser treatments, peels, antibiotic pills or creams can be used to treat pimples and redness.

Laser therapy reduces the visible blood vessels and also removes the tissue formed around the nose. Laser therapy may cause a little discomfort, but it is a painless procedure. The laser penetrates the skin and disintegrates swollen blood vessels that are causing spider veins and redness. The two types of laser treatments available for rosacea are Gemini laser and peels. If you are suffering from the above symptoms, consider consulting with Dr. Ostad for an evaluation to find out whether you are affected by rosacea. If so, Dr. Ostad will discuss your options for the most suitable treatment in our Manhattan, NYC, office.