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Redness on

Many individuals suffer from pronounced redness on the face. The condition can result in strong feelings of self-consciousness; thus, many people seek remedies for facial redness. It is important to seek medical expertise if you experience unexplained facial redness, as it could be a sign of a larger medical issue. This article will explore some of the causes of facial redness and the treatments that Dr. Ostad offers to improve the condition.

There are numerous reasons why some individuals experience facial redness or flushing. The face can become temporarily red due to sun exposure, alcohol, exercise, and exposure to the cold. Usually, this redness disappears on its own within a few hours or day. Sometimes, the redness can be lasting or recurring. In this case, the redness may be a result of rosacea, adult acne, contact dermatitis, perimenopause, or even a more serious condition such as lupus. Rosacea, a common skin disorder affecting as many as 14 million Americans, is the most common cause of persistent facial redness. Rosacea is marked by facial flushing that comes and goes, and it can lead to itchy skin, pimples, and the appearance of blood vessels beneath the skin. There are many medical treatments available to treat rosacea, including antibiotics and anti-inflammatory creams, but once blood vessels become visible beneath the skin, a different method must be used to remove them. If you are an adult suffering from unexpected redness and pimples, adult acne may be the culprit. Adult acne can be caused by a flare-up in hormones that cause acne during the teenage years. Contact dermatitis can be caused by certain chemicals in soaps and cosmetics. If this is the cause of your red skin, your dermatologist will help you identify the problematic ingredient so you can discontinue use of it. If the redness on your face has a butterfly-like shape, you may need to be tested for lupus, a rare autoimmune disease that requires medical treatment. Since there are many potential causes for skin redness, it is very important that you make an appointment with a trusted and well-known dermatologist, such as Dr. Ostad, to determine what is causing the redness and explore potential solutions.

Laser therapy is an excellent choice for reducing facial redness that is caused by certain disorders. When rosacea has led to broken visible capillaries beneath the skin, laser therapy can be used to remove the broken capillaries through a fast, relatively painless laser procedure. It has proven very effective at removing broken capillaries, thus eliminating the redness that is seen when many of these broken capillaries appear clustered together in certain areas of the face. Broken capillaries can also occur as a result of sun exposure over many years. Regardless of the cause, laser therapy is an effective treatment for eliminating broken capillaries. If acne is the cause of facial redness, several forms of light and laser therapy, such as photodynamic acne therapy or V-beam treatment, can be used to eliminate acne and prevent future breakouts. Laser therapy is also very effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars that have occurred as a result of past acne.

For less severe cases of facial redness, chemical peels and topical treatments may provide relief. Chemical peels can help rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the growth of new outer layers of skin after the treatment. It is also helpful in reducing the occurrence of acne. Topical treatments can help reduce acne as it is occurring. Retinoid topical treatments can help reduce the appearance of broken blood vessels that occur in association with rosacea. Find out how you can banish redness on your face by calling Dr. Ostad today. His calm and caring manner will put you at ease as you work together to determine the cause of your facial redness and the best solution for your skin.