Dr. Ostad has finally created his own skin care line in response to years of patient experience using non-medical and ineffective products. The Ariel Ostad MD line of products has been scientifically proven to improve skin tone and texture by providing the latest innovation in skin care. Our revolutionized products are created for all skin types to advance your daily regimen by introducing purifying moisturizers, retinoids, antioxidants, and DNA repair enzymes to replenish and revitalize the skin from everyday outbreaks.

Each product is designed to ultimately polish, boost, perform, and protect our skin by targeting deep skin tissue, to prevent mutations below the skin. The Ariel Ostad MD line will enhance your total skin health by improving collagen, cell turnover, and skin recovery to give you the glowing look you deserve. In addition, our photo protective products have a specialized formula that consists of micronized physical blocks to prevent the risks of skin cancer. These products are created to simplify the way in which we treat our skin and also specialize the needs of your skin.

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