Our Pledge to You!


We are grateful. Why? Because in a world with limitless options, you chose us! Your faith and trust in our medical care is something we do not take for granted. It is an absolute honor to treat our patients and this is why we humbly provide concierge-level service to each and every patient. We hear it countless times, each and every day we see patients. They are sometimes shocked by the follow up, level of nursing care and of course, Dr. Ostad’s genuine interest in you, the whole person. Our promise to you, is to provide top-level care, each and every visit.

Follow up. With every surgical procedure or cosmetic treatment you will receive a follow up phone call. Allow us to take the anxiety out of how your body is responding, what to do next, recap wound care, and just let you know we care; because we do! Following up with our patients is of utmost importance to Dr. Ostad and the practice as a whole.

Worried about a biopsy result? One of our concierge nurses will call you as soon as the results are available, regardless of the results. Keep in mind, if you have something removed, tested and you receive a call from us, it’s not always bad news!

Don’t understand? It is our job to provide you with the clinical and layman terms for every single diagnosis and explain it to you. It’s your body and we take pride in educating our patients about their health.

Access! We are always available. If you have a question, inquiry or concern, we have a Registered Nurse available at all times via email. Feel free to email her directly at JenniferS@DrArielOstad.com and she will email you back promptly.

Benefit questions. We are fortunate enough to have an experienced in-house biller who takes pride in fighting claims for our patients and submitting the proper paperwork. While we don’t participate in most insurance plans, we are happy to look into your benefits and explain a range for your out of pocket expenses.

Kindness. Again, coming to us is your choice and we are grateful that you did! From the front desk staff, clinical nurses and Dr. Ostad himself, you will be treated with respect and kindness. Your concerns, both medical and cosmetic, are our concerns and we don’t take them lightly.

Friendly Reminders. We will always remind you when you are due for your next total body check. If Dr. Ostad wants to see you in 6 months, we will send you a reminder alerting you that it is time to schedule. We live in a very fast-paced area where time seems to slip by- unknowingly. We will send you an alert and do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Level of service and expertise. With 20 years of experience, over 20,000 skin cancer surgeries performed, thousands of cosmetic treatments, Dr. Ostad prides himself in providing meticulous care for each and every patient. As a Co-author of The Practical Management of Skin Cancer, an Assistant Professor at NYU Medical Center and authority on Dermatology, Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Ostad will always do what is right for you. Whether medical or cosmetic, you are in good and experienced hands.

Dr. Ostad designed his practice with you in mind. His model always includes your best interests at the forefront.  Dignity, respect and expert care are always given to each and every patient.