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Sculptra Aesthetic

Wrinkles are a natural development that happens as our skin gets older. With age and increased sun exposure, the muscles of the face weaken while the levels of collagen in your skin begin to decrease. There are several effective cosmetic surgeries that are able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, but they are often very costly and carry the risks of invasive surgery. As a result, there is an ongoing search in cosmetic science for safe and long-lasting fillers that are capable of rejuvenating the skin. Sculptra® Aesthetic is an FDA-approved, biodegradable compound that acts as a chemical stimulus for increased collagen production. Contact our practice in New York City to learn more about how the Sculptra filler works and set up a time to come in for treatment.

Sculptra, chemically referred to as “poly-L-lactic acid,” is a synthetic polymer often used for sutures and other structural implants in surgical procedures. Due to its non-toxicity and ability to degrade in the presence of oxygen, it has provided a very effective means of enabling doctors to perform operations without a constant need for patients to return and have certain implants removed. Sculptra requires no skin compatibility testing and is perfectly safe as an injectable filler. The FDA has even approved Sculptra for facial augmentation of patients with HIV that have suffered severe tissue atrophy.

Dr. Ostad likes to use it for the lower portion of the face, mainly around the cheek, nose and mouth area (not the lip itself). Sculptra is able to provide wrinkle relief for years at a time. This gel-like substance is loaded into a finely tipped needle and injected into the dermal layer of the skin, stimulating the body’s immune response. Completely non-pathogenic, the Sculptra compound will naturally degrade while cells in the surrounding area undergo increased production of fibers, leading to a thicker dermal layer, raising and reducing the appearance of overlying wrinkles. Unlike heat or laser treatments that target and damage cells and rely on tissue regeneration, Sculptra works to increase the strength, stability, and number of fibers contributing to the extracellular matrix, reinforcing the skin layers and lifting it.

An important point to remember with regards to Sculptra is that the effects are not immediately apparent. Unlike a standard filler that acts to merely expand and raise the epidermal layer by means of fluid volume, Sculptra is a chemical stimulant. As such, the Sculptra compound does not directly contribute to reductions in wrinkle appearance; time must be given for the body to react accordingly and thicken the specific areas of injection. Effects are extremely gradual but continuous and will continue for several weeks. A comprehensive understanding of Sculptra’s mechanism is recommended to moderate and guide patient expectation.

There is minimal risk involved with Sculptra injections. The standard side effects may include swelling or bruising around the injection site that goes away within a week. Several injection sessions may be necessary, spaced a few weeks apart. Each session should take no longer than twenty minutes, and there is absolutely no downtime required; regular activities can be resumed in full.

If you are tired of unsightly wrinkles or loss of volume in facial areas, call Dr. Ostad’s office in NYC and ask about Sculptra injections. As an absolutely safe and effective procedure that works by inducing subtle changes in the actual skin structure, Sculptra promises to be the most natural and long-lasting wrinkle fix by injection.

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