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Restylane® is an FDA-approved facial filler that Dr. Ostad uses to treat wrinkles between the mouth and the nose, as well as creases around the lips, corners of the mouth, cheeks and chin contour line. Restylane® comes in the form of a clear gel containing hyaluronic acid, which is over time absorbed naturally by your body, usually lasting for 6 months. It is made in Sweden from a non-animal source and therefore does not require allergy tests prior to use.

We often combine Restylane® with BOTOX® for best results. The BOTOX® relaxes the muscle so that the Restylane® that is filling up the lines may last longer. Restylane® fills in wrinkles, while botulinum toxin softens the appearance of facial lines by paralyzing the muscles that cause contractions underneath the skin. Dermal fillers like Restylane® actually add volume under the surface of the skin to plump up creases and folds from the inside out. This makes them ideal for spackling the crevices around the mouth and inflating lips and hollow cheeks. The transparent hyaluronic acid gel softens the deep creases that branch from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth called the nasolabial folds, as well as to the marionette lines or commissures that form lines that resemble parentheses from the mouth to the chin.

At a certain stage, usually in the 40s and up, a loss of fullness in the face and flattened cheekbones tend to be added to the growing list of improvements women and men demand from a quick, non-surgical lift. Whereas BOTOX® works well in the upper face to smooth out frown and squint lines, it doesn’t work quite as effectively in the lower two thirds of the face. This area is where Restylane® has the most potential. One possible exception is that BOTOX® is also useful in the neck to soften muscle bands and early jowling in some people.

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