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Botox Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

Sweating is an important and natural physiological process that helps the body adapt to high temperatures and exude excess liquids. This is little comfort for people who suffer from excessive sweating, a condition known in the medical community as severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

Although a profuse sweating problem is not considered a health condition, it can be embarrassing and may interfere with individuals’ lifestyle. Hyperhidrosis sufferers may have difficulty driving, taking tests and grasping or holding onto objects because of wet, moist hands. They may need to change clothes often during the day due to armpit sweating. Some patients also report an unpleasant foot smell due to moistened socks at all times.

Hyperhidrosis can decrease your quality of life, especially when it complicates communication with other people and limits one’s activities. The areas of excess sweating can be virtually found on any part of the body. However, the most common problem areas are soles, palms, face, and underarms.

Fortunately, BOTOX® neurotoxin treatment is effectively utilized by Dr. Ariel Ostad to treat severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

Can BOTOX® Treatment Help?

BOTOX® injections are an effective, reliable and safe way to get rid of hyperhidrosis in a few minutes. The botulinum-toxin-based treatment blocks the transfer of nerve impulses to the sweat glands, which are located in problem areas.

According to a clinical research, about fifty-five percent of 322 severe hyperhidrosis patients achieved an effective response. Eighty-four percent of 104 BOTOX®-treated patients reported a greater than fifty percent decrease in sweating, and only six percent of those patients not treated with BOTOX® achieved an effective solution.

However, you should know that BOTOX® treatment will help to control your symptoms but will not cure the actual condition. The treatment can be repeated after six to eight months, as your excess sweating symptoms will return gradually.

What Is Treatment with BOTOX® Like?

Before BOTOX® treatment, Dr. Ostad will determine if you are a suitable candidate. BOTOX® is injected into the problem area at short intervals. The procedure usually lasts ten to fifteen minutes. The injections are performed with a very fine needle, eliminating the pain from this type of treatment almost completely. The treatment of soles and palms may be a bit painful, which is why local anesthesia can be sometimes required. Following the procedure, you may experience slight pain in the treated area, non-underarm sweating, and some side effects such as fever, headache, sore throat, and infection.

What Should You Expect After Treatment?

You can go home right after the procedure. Post-treatment effects become perceptible within two weeks and last six to eight months. You will feel more confident and relaxed.

This technique is very popular all over the world, as it allows one to effectively get rid of severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis without surgical intervention. If you suffer from excessive sweating, please feel free to contact our office to find out if you are a candidate for this non-surgical treatment.