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Fat Removal

Have you tried many diets and regular exercises to get rid of unwanted fat, but aren’t seeing any results? Regular dieting and exercise are highly recommended to reduce and prevent fat accumulation. However, many individuals prefer to reduce body fat quickly by opting for procedures such as liposuction and Coolsculpting (Zeltiq).

Dr. Ariel Ostad is an expert NYC dermatologist who is skilled in performing these procedures. Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat in the body in order to improve your shape and contours by using the tumescent technique which breaks up the fat and then removes it using a cannula entered through incisions. It is most popularly used to remove fat accumulated in the legs, torso, arms, and sometimes in the neck and chin. Liposuction can be performed with other cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast augmentations, tummy tucks, or face-lifts. This procedure is by no means a replacement of dieting and exercise. Ideal candidates for this procedure are individuals who have stubborn fat accumulation, but also exercise regularly and you have reached your goal weight.

CoolSculpting (Zeltiq) is an alternate procedure that removes excess body fat by cooling target areas using an applicator. The metabolic process of the body then removes the crystallized fat cells. CoolSculpting (Zeltiq) does not require any recovery time, anesthesia, or sutures. It’s also not considered an alternative to dieting and regular exercise.

Dr. Ostad will evaluate your health condition during consultation in his New York office to see whether you will be an ideal candidate for one or more fat reduction procedures. He will advise you on the best solution to remove unwanted fat and improve your facial or body contour.