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Sun Damage / Brown Spots

Extended exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays may result in roughness of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven dark spots and discoloration. These symptoms are indicative of skin damage and may increase one’s risk of developing cancer. The body’s natural mechanism to protect from the sun’s damaging rays is to increase production of melanin (a brownish pigment responsible for absorbing radiation). However, extreme exposure without proper protection may result in damaged cells, excessive production of melanin, and the characteristic dark spots also known as liver spots. These symptoms are not exclusive to sun exposure; extensive use of tanning beds may also result in these blemishes and carry similar risks. In such a high-functioning area as New York, it is difficult to pay attention to abnormal skin developments; however, changes in skin color, shape, and size may point towards more serious health problems.

Liver spots are in themselves innocuous but may often be unsightly and pose indirect harm by obscuring possible developments of cancer. Melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for melanin production, may become damaged by UV rays and develop into the cancer known as melanoma. Light-skinned individuals are often at greater risk due to their decreased natural production of melanin. Depending on the depth of damage, general topical treatments are rendered ineffective and do not help to undo the underlying cellular issues associated with UV damage.

Situated right in the heart of NYC, Dr. Ariel Ostad uses advanced techniques to target and correct many skin issues. Classic treatments such as Chemical Peels and Laser treatments can reduce the appearances of unwanted spots and wrinkles on large areas of the skin surface. If the skin’s conditions are more pronounced, Dr. Ostad will recommend more advanced and focused therapies. The highly effective and harmless Fraxel Laser Treatment works by using fine lasers to target the culpable cells deep within the skin, effectively halting excessive production of unwanted pigments and allowing the skin to naturally rejuvenate healthy cells. These treatments are completed in a matter of hours, and with virtually no downtime, it is both a potential life- and time-saving way to correct cosmetic issues. Our other Laser treatments for pigmented lesions, such as Gemini and Alex TriVantage Lasers, also use a similar light-based treatment to target damaged cells closer to the skin surface. In a series of sessions, it works by removing superficial cells and allowing deeper, healthier cells to surface. These treatments are held in high esteem due to their permanence; damaged cells are eliminated and replaced with new, healthy ones. However, it is important to continue taking proper precautions in sun exposure to prevent future damage.

The best treatment option for skin damage is available. If you are the victim of premature aging by exposure to harmful UV rays, contact Dr. Ostad to discuss your concerns and the best options to address them. Marks of sun exposure can be an unpleasant and serious thing, but with the help of Dr. Ostad, you can effectively reverse and attenuate its effects.