Cosmetic Treatments for Brides-to-Be

Cosmetic Treatments for Brides-to-Be


Wedding season is just around the corner, which means brides-to-be are doing everything they can to look their blushing best on the big day. Beyond eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep, there are a number of cosmetic treatments for brides-to-be that can brighten skin, remove unwanted hair, eliminate acne, and reduce unwanted fat. Read on to discover seven procedures that can deliver wedding-day-ready results you will cherish for a lifetime.Brides-to-be looking for a sleeker physique should consider CoolSculpting, which eliminates stubborn, unwanted fat on the inner and outer thighs, abdomen, flanks, and under the chin. This non-surgical procedure freezes and crystallizes fat cells in targeted areas, which then are eliminated naturally from the body.

Each patient will need one to two sessions and should begin treatment at least six months prior to her wedding day. During the office visit, the cosmetic surgeon will apply the CoolSculpting device to the area to be treated, and patients will feel strong pressure and intense cold. Patients can nap, read, and check email during their sessions and as there’s no downtime; they can return to work and their regular activities immediately following the appointment.

Typically, most patients see a 20 percent reduction in fat over two months after the initial session and even more significant results after additional sessions.Whether it’s in a strapless wedding gown or a skin-baring honeymoon bikini, many brides-to-be want to be smooth and hairless where it matters. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment for brides-to-be that can give you a carefree, hair-free wedding day.

For best results, patients should seek treatment at least three months ahead of the big day. The most commonly treated areas include the face, underarms, legs, bikini area, and back.

Patients are advised not to pluck or wax in the weeks leading up to treatment but are encouraged to shave up to 48 hours beforehand. During the office visit, the cosmetic surgeon will select the appropriate laser based on the patient’s skin type. With five or six treatment sessions, hair is removed for up to two years. If hair does grow back eventually, it typically will be lighter and finer.

There’s no downtime so brides-to-be can get right back to dress fittings, cake tastings, and more.Lights, camera, action! A wedding is often the most photographed day of a woman’s life. To get clear, radiant skin that will be immortalized in wedding-day pictures, consider laser treatment for acne and scarring.

For best results, these cosmetic treatments for brides-to-be should begin at least three months before the big day:The Cutera Genesis laser clears acne by wiping out bacteria, shrinking oil-producing glands, and stimulating new collagen growth. The laser targets the mid-dermis layer of skin, where acne and scarring commonly occur. Patients typically need three to five 20-minute treatment sessions — quick enough for a lunch-break appointment — every three or four weeks. There’s no downtime, and patients will see their results continue to improve over time.The Fraxel laser remedies scarring from acne by smoothing and resurfacing skin, providing remarkable results in as little as one session. Immediately following treatment, patients may experience irritation, redness, and swelling, and skin may be dry, flaky, and peeling as recovery progresses. While there’s no required downtime, patients are advised that full collagen stimulation typically takes between three to six months. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon about minimizing recovery and aftereffects, and be sure to schedule treatment well in advance of the big day.Put your best face forward on the big day with rejuvenated, even-colored skin and remove discoloration and blemishes. Consider these two cosmetic treatments for brides-to-be to consider is a LUMA Peel.LUMA Peel I corrects dark spots, melasma, and uneven skin tone, creating a more balanced, even complexion and smoother skin texture. This non-chemical peel involves a single office visit and combines an in-office medicated treatment masque that patients wear home from the office with an at-home regimen in which individuals apply topical LUMA products after the masque is removed.

Patients often, but not always, experience some redness and peeling following treatment. Results include reduced appearance of dark spots, better skin tone and texture, and stimulated collagen production as newer, healthier skin is created. Patients should seek treatment two months prior to tying the knot.LUMA Peel II combats pigmentation problems in addition to fine lines and wrinkles, and uses weaker acids that make it suitable for brides-to-be with darker skin tones. Patients can schedule four to six treatments every two to three weeks for best results, and should begin treatment three to four months before their weddings.

A solution is applied to the face during a treatment sessions, which patients later remove at home and follow with a rigorous regimen of additional LUMA products. Some skin peeling is common following treatment, and patients can expect to see fewer breakouts, stimulated collagen production, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and healthier skin tone and texture.

Love is in the air, so love the way you look with these cosmetic treatments for brides-to-be. Consult us today to discover the treatment options that can deliver your wedding-day best. For more treatments, stay tuned for part two of our Brides-to-Be blog series.